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Eyewash and Equipment

Install emergency eyewash equipment to flush harmful chemicals out of the eyes.

If your employees deal with harsh chemicals, then installing an eye wash station in accessible locations of your facility is a must. Keep in mind that the first 10 to 15 seconds of exposure to caustic substances can drastically affect the gravity of the injury.

Do not forget to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on using, maintaining and repairing your eyewash equipment for maximum benefits.

Prevent eye injury in your facility by setting up an eyewash station. Choose from several of Seton's emergency eyewash equipment to promote eye safety among your employees:

Eyewash stations wash harsh chemicals out of the eyes.
Eyewash signs make locating eyewash stations quick and hassle-free. These high-performance plastic signs come with two mounting holes for quick installation and are available in bright, attention-grabbing colours and large sizes that are hard to miss.
Eyewash tags make recording of routine eyewash inspection fast and simple. These write-on plastic tags withstand moisture, dirt, grease, and tears. They also come with free nylon tags for easy mounting.
Eyewash labels, along with eyewash signs, complete your eye safety program. These floor labels come with anti-slip protection for added safety.