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Custom Asset Tags

Custom Asset Tags keep assets identifiable

Tailor your inventory organization to your unique needs by using Custom Asset Tags. Customized tags and labels allow you to use your own numbering, wording, logo, or art to manage assets and inventory your way. Customization allows for nearly unlimited flexibility both in sorting and tracking products, assets, machinery and other parts of your operation, as well as keeping a coherent and orderly schema to suit the identity and needs of any business or facility. Stick with Seton Canada to get the best in customizable asset identification and any other form of inventory, warehouse or work site organization tools and supplies. With Seton, you can stay in order for less.

Custom Asset Tags

Any busy industrial work site, commercial facility, or manufacturing or other heavy business operation will undoubtedly rely on the vastness of warehouses, storage depots, or other types of inventory to make work happen. Invariably, the task of managing those goods, assets, products and spaces is a daunting and cumbersome task. Make critical duties like this simple and efficient by implementing a comprehensive inventory management and organization scheme, the core element of which should be heralded by custom asset tags.

Whether incorporated by an existing scheme or forming the basis of a brand-new one, customizable asset labels and asset tags have the flexibility to suit any need or demand. Specially designed labels like Setonguard Tags can withstand all kinds of wear and tear in high-stress or heavy-activity environments. Those in need of rapid and efficient organization and sorting can opt for Bar Code Labels that can be used with appropriate scanners for quick sorting and computerized augmentation of their organizing efforts. And those in need of more security for their assets and equipment can try Tamper-Evident Labels to quickly identify if a product has been tampered with or mishandled.

Whatever the needs of your facility, operation or warehouse, Seton Canada has the right tools and supplies for you. Trust us to make your business safer, more compliant and more efficient.

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