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Custom Traffic Cones & Signs

Post traffic cone signs in hazardous areas to alert workers and visitors

Effective traffic management starts with the right tools like traffic cone signs and custom traffic cones. With ordinary and regular cones, you can’t really convey the specific hazard that awaits the unsuspecting worker or visitor. By posting custom cone signs on top of standard cones, you emphasize the safety message that no unmarked traffic cone can do.

Get your customized message out using our online app where you can type in your personalized messages directly. The 2-sided signs are available in both reflective and non-reflective plastic materials. Our custom traffic signs may also be installed on top of delineators or barrels for a more effective traffic barrier.

Keep Seton Canada in mind when ordering your unique custom traffic cone signs.

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4 Products

Set Descending Direction

Why should you customize your traffic cone signs?

Every facility is unique, and each one has its own set of challenges whether it be safety or security. Maintaining order in the parking lot and driveway is one such challenge. You need customized tools to help you deal with different hazards in and around your facility. Convey your message exactly with custom safety cone signs.

Where to put your custom traffic cones and signs?

Keep custom safety cones on hand in case you need to re-route vehicular or foot traffic. Place them in parking lots to reserve a space for visitors. Guide forklifts in warehouses to avoid accidents with passing workers. In case of spills, you can prevent accidental exposure by strategically placing safety cones around the spillage. Safety cones are versatile barriers that can even be used in place of barricades. They’re light and easy to move in place, plus, they are stackable for easy storage.

You can add a customized safety cone sign or simply customize these safety cones with your company name for immediate identification. At Seton Canada, we have safety and security solutions like our custom traffic cone signs that work for you.