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Prevent accidents and theft, while helping with inspections in plants, warehouses and offices

Use Seton's perfectly angled, hand-held Inspection Mirrors for quick and easy inspections . Choose from our large variety of concave or dome shaped safety Mirrors. These Mirrors differ in size, angle, preferred environment. Some Mirrors can be slipped-on, while others are unique to forklifts or are portable.

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Mirror, Mirror on the wall, which is the safest warehouse of them all?
Yours will be when you add Mirrors for safety and anti-theft purposes. Warehouse Mirrors are used to alert workers of something that may be present in the area, but hard to see. For example, a forklift may be slowly approaching a corner of your facility. Workers on the opposite side may not see it coming...unless you have a Mirror installed. Mirrors also deter theft and vandalism. Choose from Safety Mirrors - Portable Convex, Clip-On Convex, Quarter Dome and Full Dome Models and more.

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