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Crosswalk Signs

Alert vehicles to stay cautious in pedestrian crossing areas

Crosswalk Signs come in a variety of options for various crosswalk uses. Traffic control paddles, blinker paddles®, and roll up stop/slow paddles are hand-held options for controlling traffic flow, while signicades, in-street crosswalk signs, and pedestrian flexible sign systems are in-road options.

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The next time you are driving through a school zone, take a look around and you'll see a variety of different crosswalk signs such as lightweight crossing guard signs and a href= https://www.seton.ca/traffix-devices-school-crossing-crosswalk-safety-signs-tcwss3.html school crosswalk signs/a wherever children are crossing a road or a parking lot. Designed to prevent accidents and create a safe environment for school children, Seton’s school zone signs follow regulatory design standards ensuring they are both compliant and easily recognizable.

Crosswalk signs are an essential tool for warning drivers that there are pedestrians actively crossing the road. We offer pedestrian crosswalk signicade signs, school crosswalk signicade signs, stop for pedestrians signicade crosswalk signs, and many more.

School Crosswalk Signs/a wherever children are crossing a road or a parking lot.

These signs are hinged on the top and open easily for quick portability. These signs have a thick rubber base, which makes them durable and easy to move around. Detectable warning tiles are placed at the crosswalk and are used to signal vision-impaired individuals that they are about to enter the crosswalk. A bright and colorful school traffic sign alerts drivers and pedestrians to vehicle and foot traffic and reduces the likelihood of school zone accidents.