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Indicative Seals

Immediately identify shipments that may have been tampered with or opened

Indicative Cargo Seals are a good investment for alerting shipping receivers of theft, tampering or a combination of the two. Indicative Seals are available in many variations, including Tamper Evident Security Seals, Tamper Evident Labels, Tamper Evident Tape and Tamper Evident Locks.

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Indicative Seals are fastened to cargo and constructed in a way so as to indicate if tampering has occured. Based on their construction, Indicative Seals break upon tampering. Seton is your source for Indicative Seals in a variety of types for several different applications. Choose from the following: Stock Metal Ball Seals, Secure-Grip Seal, Wire With Crimping Seal, Custom Spring Hinge Seals and more.

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