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Facility Signs

Display your company policies for everyone to see

Learn how you can effectively communicate your company policies and safety rules with Seton Canada’s facility signs. Facility safety signs can be used in a wide variety of applications within the boundaries of your company. These safety signs are designed to keep employees and visitors well informed about your facility’s rules and guidelines. Our facility signs provide easy-to-understand information to ensure that the reader will easily understand the message being conveyed. By using our floor signs you can provide a safe and accident-free working environment to your workers and at the same time keep you company compliant with the latest safety standards.

Facility Signs

Different uses of facility safety signs

These safety signs can be used for various applications in your facility. They can be used to promote safety and security, provide directions around the facility, remind employees of maintenance and housekeeping policies, and much more. Our facility safety signs are so versatile they can be used almost anywhere such as schools, hospitals, warehouses, restaurants, public utilities and more.

Huge selection of facility signs

Seton Canada carries a variety of facility signs to meet the specific needs of your company. Some of the signs we have include no smoking signs, safety and security signs, housekeeping signs, floor signs and floor stands, healthcare wayfinding signs, bike pet and skateboard signs and more. Just browse our selection for the sign suited to your needs.

Custom facility signs
If you’re having trouble finding the right facility signs for your company, you can always create one of your own. Seton Canada allows you to create custom safety signs thanks to our online editing tool. This tool lets you choose from the type of material, colour, shape, size, wording, and graphic that you want to include on your sign. From the moment an employee or visitor steps inside your facility to the time they step out, you can be sure that they are safely guided by Seton Canada’s facility safety signs.

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