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Identify hazardous chemicals and materials and inform individuals about necessary safety precautions

HazCom labels can be purchased in a variety of materials, styles and sizes. Some styles include NFPA Self-Laminating, NFPA Hazard, Super-Sticky HazCom, HMIG, Chemical Hazard Warning, HazWaste Container, Drum Identification, and Biohazard Labels. Collectively, these Hazmat Labels help ensure the safety of individuals handling hazardous materials.

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Flammable Storage Labels are attached to chemicals, cabinets, equipment, etc., within your manufacturing area, facility or storage areas. Labels give workers a clear idea of the type and danger level of the chemicals, gases and other dangerous substance which they are handling or exposed to daily. Labels come in a variety of styles and for various situations. Choose from the following: HMIG Chemical Hazard Labels, Biohazard Labels, NFPA Diamond- PPE/ORG, Drum Identification Labels, Right-To-Know Labels and many more.

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