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Custom Plastic Seals

Flexible custom plastic seals are cost-effective tools for securing items

For quick and temporary security of shipment and containers, use plastic lock seals. Designed for one time use, these seals are useful in discouraging tampering during shipment. As long as the seals remain intact, you can be sure of your item's integrity.

When regular plastic seals just won’t do, you could always design your own custom plastic seals. Use our online app to type in your own wording and number sequence. Versatile rotating seals can even feature your own logo for instant identification of shipment.

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13 Products

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Securing your items with plastic lock seals

Plastic seals are cost-effective solutions to secure shipment, vehicles, drums, and utility meters. These security seals are meant to be used in conjunction with other security measures. Plastic lock seals were designed for temporary use and to indicate tampering of items like a shipping container.

Different types of custom seals

Seton Canada offers a variety of custom plastic seals to choose from. Custom padlock seals are made of strong polypropylene with a galvanized wire hasp that requires wire cutters for removal. While you can personalize the seals with your company name and other information, a write-on area at one side of the seal, allows you to add variable information on the fly.

Pull tight seals are versatile seals with multiple locking positions perfect for securing cabinet doors, bags, tote boxes, and more. The ribbed strap is designed to cinch up to 36 different positions. A similar heavy-duty step lock seal has over 60 locking positions with customizable consecutive numbering. For securing tool boxes, first aid kits, and ATM cassettes, try our spring hinge seal. Its polypropylene body has an average pull-apart force of 8 lbs.

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