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Custom Engraved Valve Tags

Use custom engraved tags to properly identify valves

Complex plumbing systems need custom engraved tags, which are more specific than the ordinary valve tags with standard wording and numbering. Custom valve tags allow you to choose the colour, text, numbering, and symbols unique to your needs. Create the valve tag you need online in our easy-to-use Design-Your-Own app. You can select the materials, size, shape, and more. Custom valve tags can feature two-sided wording or just one depending on what you need. With pre-drilled holes, they are easy to attach to any valve. Engraved valve tags can stand up to harsh indoor and outdoor environment where pipes and valves are normally found.

Seton Canada offers smart solutions like custom engraved tags to make your valve and pipe repairs easier.

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4 Products

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Engraved Setonply® Valve Tags

Valve identification is critical especially in industrial sites where there are complex maze of pipes and valves with hazardous liquids or gases inside them. Seton Canada offers this economical custom valve tag that can withstand temperature ranging from -40°F to 175°F. Made of 1/16" thick plastic, the valve tag is durable enough for industrial and commercial use. Attachments such as chains, s-hooks, and fasteners are sold separately but they easily fit the pre-drilled 5/32" hole on top of the tag. With 8 background colours to choose from, you can use these custom valve tags to colour-code your plumbing system.

Anodized Aluminim Custom Valve Tags

The process called “anodizing” refers to how colours are applied to bare metal like aluminum. Anodized metals retain their brilliant colours as the process allows the colours to become actual part of the surface. In effect, they become wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant. Our anodized valve tags feature laser etched texts that makes your custom wording clearly legible even after years of use. These valve tags are the best option for more extreme conditions such as high and low temperatures ranging from -40°F to 1400°F or -40°C to 760°C.

With Seton Canada’s custom solutions, organizing and identifying valves is a breeze. Create your custom engraved tags using our online app today.