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Custom Snap Around Pipe Markers

Custom Snap-Around Pipe Markers are pre-coiled markers to SNAP into place with no tape or adhesives.

Seton offers Custom Snap-Around markers that include Setmark, Ultra-Mark, Wrap Around Adhesive Roll Markers, Snap Around Warning Markers, Fire Protection Markers and much more

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Seton's custom snap-around pipe markers are best for marking greasy pipes when self-adhesive pipe markers won't do.

These custom pipe markers are also great for instances when stock pipe markers do not carry the substance names you need for your pipes. Much like customizable self-adhesive pipe markers, these also carry similar customization options, such as text, colors and even graphics.

These snap-around pipe markers are easy to install - as the name suggests, simply unroll them enough to facilitate proper placement on your pipes and snap them into place around these pipes. Nylon ties, which are also available at Seton, can be used to secure these customizable pipe markers to pipes that are too big for these snap-on markers to fit snugly on.

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