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Direct pedestrian and vehicle traffic around dangerous areas

Barriers are perfect for crowd control, limiting access, diverting traffic and closing roads. Portable Traffic Barriers and Water Wall Barriers are ideal for blocking areas quickly and can be filled with water for extra strength and stability. Barrier Fencing, Modular Barricades, and Plastic Expanding Barricades can either expand or be linked together to form extra-long security barriers.

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Barriers from Seton do a great job of preventing visitors, workers, pedestrians and any other unauthorized individuals from entering a restricted area.
Barriers act as an obstacle which basically cordons off an area that is dangerous, uninhabitable or closed either temporarily or permanently.
Barriers, such as expanding barricades made from plastic barricades, water wall barricades, and expandable barricades are a superb option. Also, workmen's barricade work areas with messaging, including do not enter, watch your step, work area or blank are handy barriers with a friendly tone.