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Biohazard Signs

Identify hazardous waste in your facility

When managing the waste produced in an industrial facility, it is important for employees to know which particular waste products can be considered biohazardous. Properly identifying these allows workers to dispose of them in the safest and most efficient way possible. Make sure that your facility is properly supplied with the appropriate safety signs. Seton offers Biohazard Signs that come in various designs to meet your specific safety needs.

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Provide people in your facility with safety information about hazardous waste

Biohazardous materials, by definition, are any solid or liquid waste materials that pose serious risk of transmitting various types of infection to and among humans. Because of this, biohazardous materials require proper disposal. This involves the appropriate storage techniques by which they are separated from all other types of waste, and later disposed of; and posting of the appropriate biohazard signs around the area where the waste material is to be stored. All this is carried out by means of clear and accurate identification.

Provide your facility with the means of identifying hazardous waste. Seton offers you a wide variety of Biohazard Safety Signs to suit your needs.

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