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Pedestrian Crosswalk Signs & Crossing Signs

Use a pedestrian crossing sign to keep both drivers and pedestrians alert and safe

Walking along and near major roadways can be dangerous for pedestrians. When there are no adequate pedestrian crossings nearby, the potential for safety hazards increases even more. Prevent such incidents from occurring near and around your facility using a pedestrian crossing sign. Reports have shown that, in 2008 alone, 4,378 pedestrians were killed in traffic accidents, while another 69,000 were injured. Pedestrian crossing signs from Seton come with designs and messages that notify people when they are approaching areas with high traffic and/or large numbers of pedestrians. Use BlinkerSigns® - Stop to call attention to stop signs in dark areas. Provide your facility with adequate crosswalk signs and reduce the possibility of accidents and injuries.

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Post a pedestrian crossing sign so walked can safely cross a busy street.
In most traffic and driving situations, right of way automatically goes to pedestrians. Regardless, individuals should always practice caution whenever they are near heavy traffic areas. Remind drivers and pedestrians alike to stay safe using pedestrian crossing signs from Seton. Crosswalk signs indicate lanes and areas where people can safely cross the street and keep away from dangerous areas.
Stop for Pedestrians Crosswalk Safety Signs also inform motorists and ensure that they are aware of when to slow down and stop for pedestrians.
Crosswalk signs are especially helpful for the elderly, handicapped and even children. Children may not always notice traffic signals are when they are playing. In fact, they often run out into streets or in crosswalks while they are playing. The elderly or handicapped walkers can't always react quickly in situations when they need to get out of the way.
Make sure that they and all other pedestrians around your facility are kept safe using pedestrian crossing signs from Seton.

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