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First Aid Station, First Aid Kit & First Aid Signs

Bright and luminous first aid signs that are visible in both light and dark conditions

Lead workers to first aid supplies in a medical emergency with bright and luminous first aid signs that are visible even in power outages. First aid, first aid station and first aid kit signs mark a clear path to medical emergency supplies if chemical accidents, heavy equipment, or other injuries occur. Our first aid signs include Emergency Shower & Eye Wash, Eye Wash Keep Area Clear, Emergency Eye Wash, 2-Way View Eye Wash signs, and many others that help workers find medical supplies that could minimize injuries.

For helpful guidelines on exposure to hazardous chemicals, visit the CDC NIOSH web page on Occupational Health Guidelines for Chemical Hazards.

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Mark a clear path for workers to find to first aid supplies with attention-grabbing first aid signs. Identify the location of medical supplies with first aid station signs, so workers can administer first aid before the paramedics and EMTs arrive.