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Shipping & Transportation Labels & Decals

Provide special transportation information and instruction on packages

Clearly communicate special handling needs or alert handlers of hazardous contents. Seton's extensive selection includes Packing List Envelopes, Tip'N'Tell Indicators, Hazmat Placard Labels, Fragile Labels, This End Up Labels and many other internationally recognized Shipping and Handling Labels.

Shipping and transportation labels from Seton are necessary decals and labels to have when sending packages - especially in bulk.

For starters, these stickers help ensure that your packages are handled in the right manner since these come with instructions and warnings like Fragile or Do Not Stack. These decals are also used to identify priority packages or items that need to be handled or shipped first with labels that have Rush printed on them.

Seton also sells a wide variety of labels that will help you comply with government regulations. These include hazardous material labels, which are not only required by government regulations, but also help employees handle packages properly.

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