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Custom Pipe Markers

Design your own custom markers for precise identification

When standard pipe marker legends just won’t do, it’s time to create your own unique custom pipe markers. There are a lot of advantages to using custom pipe identification over standard stock legends. One of which is the accuracy of the message. Specifying the contents of each pipe in a maze of pipes crisscrossing your building is a tall order, but the safety of workers definitely warrants it. Knowing which type of chemical, liquid or gas, is contained in a pipe will enable the worker to prepare and don the right personal protective equipment. Repair work is hastened and safety is not compromised.

Custom pipe makers are just one of the smart solutions Seton Canada has to offer. See what else you can discover.

Custom Pipe Markers

Self-Adhesive Custom Pipe Markers

Seton Canada offers different pipe marker materials for different uses. Custom self-adhesive pipe markers are more suitable for indoor plumbing with clean and dry pipes. The self-adhesive feature means convenient application on pipe surfaces.

OptiCode™ custom markers can withstand temperatures ranging from -40°F to 175°F. While they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor pipes, the best option for extremely harsh environments is the Custom Xtreme-Code™ High Performance Pipe Markers. These markers were manufactured to stand up to chemicals, abrasions, and weather. You can expect these markers to last at least 8 years, outdoors .

Snap Around Custom Pipe Identification

Re-use pipe markers over and over again with pre-coiled plastic markers. These pipe markers conveniently snap into place with no adhesive necessary. You can apply these to dirty and greasy pipes with a snap. Exceed standards set by ASME (ANSI) A13.1-2007 with Custom Setmark® Pipe Markers. All Setmark® markers are available in standard colours to indicate the type of pipe content that could potentially threaten the safety of the plumber or workman doing repairs or new installations. Order arrows on a roll to indicate the flow of the liquid or gas inside the pipe. These are critical information which the workers need to know before doing repairs.

Stay safe with Seton Canada’s custom pipe markers.

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