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Spill Containment

Keep spills contained and under control

Seton carries Spill Containment products for every need. These Spill Containment Products include Berms, Booms, Centres, Decks & Platforms, Diverters, Drums, Mats & Drain guards, Pallets, Seals & Plugs and Trays.

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Spill Containment equipment and accessories are here to help you in the event of a major spill or leak within your building.
Spill Containment constitutes a whole bunch of helpful products that can help you quickly tackle tough spill and leaks. From Outdoor Containment Booms and Ultra SpillBerm® Plus, to Spill Deck Systems, a href=https://www.seton.ca/ultratech-pipe-leak-diverter-1780-79114.htmlPipe Leak Diverters /aand Ultra Drain Plugs, Seton is your one and only source from Spill Containment products.