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Eyewash Labels

Identify eyewash stations at the point of use

Eyewash Labels identify eyewash locations using graphics and symbols for easy recognition. Anti-Slip Floor Markers help employees locate eyewash stations quickly and effectively, without the possibility of slipping. Eyewash Labels are to identify and label eyewash stations or emergency shower areas. Just attach an Eyewash Label to the apparatus and you're done! Use eyewash labels to effectively designate emergency aid areas in case of chemical exposure to your workers or personnel. Make eyewash and shower equipment noticeable for your personnel and inspectors both.

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Eyewash labels are important for marking eyewash equipment and designated eyewash and shower areas. Specialized eyewash floor markers make these critical areas apparent, so they can be easily located in times of emergency.
Combine various types of eyewash labels, including anti-slip floor markers and equipment labels, to make sure that no one misses your eyewash and emergency shower areas or equipment when they need it most. Clearly marked eyewash and emergency aid equipment and areas are necessary both for maintaining safety in your facility as well as complying with government regulations.
Seton offers a wide range of heavy-duty labels that are easy on your pocket. Trust only Seton, the authority in safety solutions, to help you meet your company's safety needs.

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