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Keep all employees working with or around chemicals informed and safe

Keeping employees well informed is the first step towards preventing accidents and maintaining safety.Facilitate this through the use of a HazCom program that implements hazard signs, HazCom labels, and health and safety training when handling hazardous materials.Some components are offered in a multitude of styles and sizes to cater to a variety of unique hazard communication programs.

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HazCom, short for Hazard Communication, communicates to workers exactly the types of hazards and dangers they work and have contact with on a daily basis.
Usually in the form of a label, HazCom materials are affixed to equipment or various areas in which the contact occurs. You can choose from a variety of sizes and styles, including HazCom Labels-On-A-Roll, HazCom Labels-On-A-Roll - NFPA Diamond, Substance Identity, Flammability, Health, Instability, Personal Protection and more.

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