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Custom Valve Tags

Customized to display valve and pipe information

Custom Valve Tags relate specific valve numbers, locations and pipe functions to your employees when regular valve tags just won’t do.

Choose the words, graphics, sizes, colours and shapes of your Valve Tags according to your facility’s needs to add a whole new level of safety for your personnel. These identification products also help you comply with government safety regulations, protecting you from costly fines and even lawsuits.

Seton offers custom tags in different materials and finishes. Choose from plastic, brass, stainless steel and aluminum. Have them stamped or engraved with your own wording or numbering.

Choose Seton for high quality and long-lasting Custom Valve Tags.

Custom Valve Tags

Use Custom Valve Tags for Identification

One of the most important factors in promoting safety in the workplace is proper identification. Having the right information allows employees and visitors to do tasks properly and proceed with caution in hazardous areas. For your valves and pipes, identifying which valve is connected to certain pipes is important to prevent accidents and code violations. It makes the task of easier when detecting leaks, doing repairs, or emptying pipe contents. This is where valve tags come in handy.

Use Seton’s Custom Valve Tags to help you in implementing an efficient valve marking program. Unlike generic valve tags you see in the market, Seton allows you to customize your own valve tags using specific information, abbreviations, and consecutive numbering. This allows for quick and easy identification. Seton also offers you the choice of Custom Engraved Valve Tags or Custom Stamped Valve Tags.

Durable Valve Tags in Harsh Environments

Because we know valves and pipes are often located in harsh environments, our safety tags are available in durable materials that can withstand either high or low temperatures, even highly corrosive surroundings. Our plastic valve tags are available in different colours for easier classification.

Make sure safety is enforced in every corner of your facility. Don’t overlook your valves and pipes. Use Seton’s custom valve tags to help you display important information.

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