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Topicals are easy to apply and quick acting making it a necessary addition to any first aid kit.

Topicals or topical medication are a mainstay in any first aid kit and is used to deliver medicine through the skin. While there are a variety of topical medicines that you can keep in your kit, antiseptic creams, pain medication, burn creams, and hydrocortisone cream are the more common additions to a first aid kit. Like all medication, be sure that the appropriate dosage is given (as indicated in the instructions) to the patient whenever it is used.

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Topical medication or topicals are often found in first aid kits because a number of first aid medications are best used in the form of an ointment of cream. Two good examples are burn cream and antibiotic ointment; these two items are in fact recommended first aid kit supplies by OSHA. These items are also very portable, with one tube or tub lasting for multiple applications making it a cost effective. We carry a variety of topical first aid medicine including burn cream, Hydrocortisone creams, and more. Check out our selection and add a cream or two to your first aid kit today!