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Talking and Flashing Signs

Talking and Flashing Signs help promote safety in workplace areas where employees are at a particular risk of job hazards. These signs are constructed with audio and visual features that help prevent accidents by providing timely, noticeable warnings to workers. Constructed with foam-adhesive and aluminum materials, these safety signs are made for reliable use in warehouses, construction sites, and similar areas. Convenience is likewise a factor, with .005 thick foam-adhesive signs allowing for easy adherence to clean and smooth surfaces. Aluminum signs come with .040 thickness, and are pre-drilled with mounting holes for hassle-free installation. Choose from the different styles available from Seton.

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Talking and Flashing Signs, while bringing more attention to safety practices and messages, should be used properly for users to maximize their functionality. For instance, while the lights should be bright enough to be seen, the signs should not cause any harmful glare. And while these talking and flashing sign indicate increased danger or a greater need for awareness, these should ensure that the message is properly understood, instead of causing further confusion. It is also important that the accompanying acoustic signals are easily recognizable. And, of course, safety personnel should always ensure that measures are in place detect any failures or defects in the signs.

Make sure that employees are warned of potential dangers with Talking and Flashing Signs from Seton!

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