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Plumbed Eyewash Stations

Plumbed eye wash stations save space and provide continuous water flow for 15 minutes.

If your building has the capability to install a plumbed eye wash station, go for it! A plumbed eye wash station complies with ANSI Z358.1-2009, providing 15 minutes of continuous water flow and preventing molds, dirt and pathogens from building up -- whether on the eye wash station itself or inside the pipes! Make sure your plumbed eyewash stations are installed in strategic locations inside your facility. The path leading toward the eyewash stations should be unobstructed and accessible in 10 seconds or less.

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The best way to prevent injury from worsening is to treat it immediately. The first 10 to 15 seconds upon exposure are very critical. If not acted upon, even a few seconds of prolonged waiting can exacerbate the injury.
Install plumbed eye wash stations in your facility to prevent this drastic scenario from happening. Plumbed eye wash stations provide gentle treatment, yet they're quick and effective enough in flushing harsh chemicals out of the eyes.
Seton offers high-quality plumbed eyewash stations such as the Speakman Eyewash Station. Its one-of-its-kind aerated water flow system powerfully flushes the eyes, assuring further damage is prevented. With its balanced and controlled twin spray heads, the water is regulated at 2.2. gallons per minute.
To complete your building's eyewash system, check out more of Seton's eye safety solutions.

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