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Badges & Name Tags

An important part of facilities management and employee identification

Badges and Name Tags come in a wide variety of materials, sizes, layouts and colors for any style of employee ID management. Custom Plastic Badges and Vis-A-Badges provide standard employee identification, while Engraved Name Badges and Deluxe Engraved Name Badges with Borders provide employee identification with style. For temporary badges choose Visitor and Contractor Badges on a Roll, Visitor LIGHTbadges, Expiring TIMEtokens and TIMEspots or VOIDbadges.

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Badges & Name Tags are used as a way of identifying individuals. Security personnel may wear a certain Badges to identify them to workers and visitors in an office complex. Employees may be required to display a company badge or Name Tag to show that they are indeed authorized to be on the property and have access to various areas. Seton offers many types of badges for your business, including: an assortment of Smith & Warren Security Badges, Stock TIMEbadge® items, Laser Badges, Stock Visitor Badges On A Roll and more.

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