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Custom Safety Signs

Display safety messages specific to your facility's needs

Create signs with safety messages specific to your facility's unique requirements with Custom Safety Signs from Seton. Some facility operations may have processes that are more specialized compared to others. For these situations, customizing your own safety sign makes more sense than purchasing one with a more generic safety message. We offer a number of customization options including a number of materials and sizes for just about any situation.

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Custom Safety Signs are ideal for facilities with more unique safety needs
Not all facilities are created equal. Due to processes specific to their operation, a number of facilities may have safety issues unique to their situation. A good example would be factories that manufacture highly sensitive electronics. Some electronic components are so sensitive that even a worker wearing heavy perfume or make-up during its manufacture can interfere with a properly functioning end product. For situations such as these, it makes more sense to use a Custom Safety Sign. Seton offers a number of customizable safety signs for just about any safety situation such as:
Custom OSHA Safety Signs - These feature standard OSHA headers in a number of sizes. Sign materials include self-adhesive vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum and magnetic.

Illuminated Warehouse Safety Signs - These signs are backlit for increased visibility. Made from sturdy plastic, styles include blank header-less signs or those with OSHA headers.

Semi-Custom Heavy-Duty Hazardous Work Site Signs - Clearance - This is a large format sign designed to be seen from greater distances. Choose from non-reflective steel and engineer-grade reflective aluminum.

Custom Disposable Plastic Corrugated Signs - Made from corrugated plastic and also featuring standard OSHA headers, these signs let you display your custom safety messages on a budget! Comes with four corner holes for easy installation.
All our customizable safety signs can be designed and ordered via our easy to use online DYO app.

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