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No Smoking Signs

Post No Smoking Signs to display your facility’s smoking policy

A no smoking sign does one thing, it communicates to workers or visitors that the area they are in prohibits smoking. No smoking signs also help you maintain compliance with state and federal laws regarding non-smoking facilities.
With over 200 no smoking signs to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect sign at Seton. Bilingual no smoking signs are available in stock, so everyone at your workplace is able to understand your message. If you can't find your exact no smoking message, create a custom sign.
If you're looking for a state-specific no smoking sign, Seton has dozens to help you maintain federal compliance, as well as satisfy regulations in your state.

No Smoking Signs are found throughout the country on the doors of most restaurants, bars, offices, theaters, retail locations, and much more.
No smoking signs are easy to recognize and the message is clear. At Seton you can choose from the traditional no smoking sign, which is available in many sizes and shapes, or you can go for the state smoke free signs, as different states have different laws and regulations for smoking.
Signs from Seton are guaranteed to last. You can choose from a variety of options, such as a high-gloss polished plastic or self-adhesive vinyl to suit the environment where you intend to post these signs. No smoking signs can be placed either outside or inside, to reflect you facility's rules for smoking. Seton also offers "Smoking Permitted In This Area" signs to mark areas where you allow smoking.
If you can't find your particular no smoking message, create a custom no smoking sign online in just minutes.
When you really need to get the no smoking point across, Seton has the sign you need.