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Inventory labels keep track of products to ensure accurate counts

From production, to completion, quality testing, and all the steps until your product ships, there are many uses for inventory labels. Use them to mark items that have been counted, select write-on labels to keep track of shelf-life, or even choose from a variety of inventory year dots to track when specific items were first manufactured in your facility. At Seton, we offer all these inventory labels and much more. Choose the perfect inventory label for your business from a variety of colours, sizes, and adhesives. With over 100 options to choose from, you're sure to find an inventory label to match each of your needs at Seton.

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Inventory labels are the perfect way to track and count products, parts, and other items that need to be counted with precision. It is crucial for a business to keep an accurate count of its inventory, and Seton offers an inventory label to address each of your businesses needs. Simply choose from a wide array of colours, sizes, shapes and even adhesives.
Seton offers a wide selection of inventory write-on labels that are ideal if you want an inventory label that can be signed for quality assurance purposes, if you want to write down an item's serial number, mark any necessary repairs, or any number of other reasons.
We also offer custom inventory labels that come 1,000 labels per roll. These inventory labels come in three material options: permanent paper is ideal to use inside and comes with a permanent adhesive, removable paper is also for indoor use and can easily be removed, and finally, vinyl labels can be used both inside and outside and come with a permanent adhesive. To create, simply add your custom wording to a circle or rectangle template and choose from among 21 label colours.
With over 100 inventory label options to choose from, Seton is sure to have the perfect option for you.

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