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Lockout stations to help prevent energy and startup accidents in the workplace

Maintenance procedures can easily become a hazard without the proper safety equipment, such as lockout cabinets. Accidents can occur anytime, and employees need to have the necessary tools secure and available whenever needed. As such, lockout stations fill a key role in keeping workers safe on the job.

For this reason, Seton offers different cabinet options designed for various machine and electrical requirements. Customers can select from wall mounted lock boxes, key hook cabinets, or general safety cabinets to suit their needs. With the proper lockout safety devices, maintenance checks can be accomplished quickly and efficiently.

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During maintenance checks, equipment can get energized or powered on at any time. And while the term ‘energy’ generally refers to electricity, other forms such as air pressure, steam, or mechanical energy can cause accidental start-ups. Even when shut off, certain equipment may have enough stored energy to result in potentially hazardous incidents. And, of course, workers can also be harmed if someone energizes a circuit, opens valves, or operates a machine without their knowledge.

Because of this, energy sources need to be isolated and/or removed prior to making repairs and adjustments. Workplace regulations and devices such as lockout cabinets help ensure this, thereby allowing maintenance workers to perform their tasks safely.