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ADA Handicap Parking Signs

Clearly mark and designate parking spaces for handicapped and disabled motorists

ADA Handicap Parking Signs are important additions to parking lots and parking areas to enable handicapped motorists to gain access to parking and entrances. Symbol of Access Sign Kits are an all-inclusive way to communicate accessible entrances and parking spaces. State Specific ADA Signs and ADA Supplementary Signs are also available for states with specific rules and regulations for designating handicapped parking.

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Provide persons with disabilities with parking slots and keep your facility compliant
ADA Handicap Parking Signs are necessary equipment for all parking complexes. Not only do handicap Parking signs help you comply with government regulations, these also help you show persons with disabilities that you are sensitive to their needs.
The Americans with Disabilities Act or ADA was enacted to prevent discrimination against the disabled. There are about 36 million Americans with some form of disability, roughly 12% of the total population. These people are hardly unproductive and the ADA seeks to ensure that opportunities in the form of employment and means to move about are not denied them.

Show persons with disabilities you care by providing them with means of access
Providing this sector of society with something as simple as a conveniently located parking space will not only help keep your facility compliant, it will also show you care about their welfare. Be sure to check if your home state requires state-specific signage. Seton offers a number of state specific ADA signs. For more specialized ADA signage needs, check out our range of custom and semi-custom signs. You can easily design the sign you need via our easy to use