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Earplug Dispensers

Handy way to store and dispense earplugs

Install earplug dispensers where noise hazards are present to encourage and promote the use of ear protection. These convenient dispensers are economical and hygienic as it allows workers to have a new set of earplugs each day preventing ear infections that may result from using worn and dirty earplugs. Workers don't have to go through the process of requesting new earplugs, they can just get a pair if they need one.

Seton's line of earplug dispensers are from trusted brands such as Moldex® and Howard Leight. Get your earplug dispensers only from the workplace safety expert - Seton.

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Benefits of Earplug Dispensers
When your workplace is full of noise hazards, it's better to have earplug dispensers on hand for workers to easily get a new pair when they need it. Earplug dispensers are cost-effective in the long run. You save money buying in bulk instead of individually packaged earplugs. Neatly dispensed earplugs are also more hygienic for the workers. Dirty and worn earplugs may become contaminated and cause health hazards such as ear infections. With no individual packaging, such as the Mellows Plugstation, it's also an eco-friendly alternative to single pack pair of earplugs.

Variety of Earplug Dispensers
Seton offers a variety of wall-mountable earplug dispensers from different brands. Moldex® Goin' Green® Foam Earplugs has a high Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 33 which makes it a perfect choice for extremely noisy environment. Choose our divided dispenser if you need a dispenser for more than one type of earplug. Empty dispensers are also available to hold up to 100 pairs of earplugs.

Make Seton your go-to store for workplace safety products like earplug dispensers.

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