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Welding Gloves & Heat-Resistant Gloves

Protect workers from sparks and extreme heat

Welding Gloves & Heat-Resistant Gloves provide arm and hand protection against the sparks and heat that result from the welding process. Seton offers a variety of gloves that are manufactured in different styles for use in specific types of welding procedures. For heat-resistant gloves, variants with insulating materials such as leather and synthetic coatings are very effective in protecting the skin from extremely hot temperatures. Variants manufactured with heat and abrasion resistant cowhide are a good choice for general welding purposes.

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Gloves are an important part of workplace safety protocols in various industrial facilities. Since industrial workers rely on their hands to perform a considerable portion of their tasks, it's crucial to afford them proper protection against dangerous conditions, such as extreme heat. Some work gloves are designed to protect the hands against sparks and temperatures of up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. These are the type of gloves that fall under Welding Gloves & Heat-Resistant Gloves, and are often used around open flames and welding applications. Choose the best leather welding gloves for your needs from Seton's range of options today.

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