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Laboratory Eyewash Stations

Secure your lab against eye injuries with laboratory eyewash stations.

Laboratories are places that often deal with hazardous chemicals, whose fumes and fluids can harm the eye. For that reason you need for any lab you run to have adequate protection against eye emergencies, ready to access and easy to use. This is where the laboratory eyewash station proves itself critical to lab safety as well as regulatory compliance. You must have a laboratory eyewash station handy in case your personnel are affected by harsh chemical or biological fumes and fluids, both of which are common in any laboratory setting. These types of eyewash stations are specially designed for use in clean or sterile environments and are ideal for use in scientific or industrial-scale work.

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Laboratory eyewash stations are specially designed to operate in the confines and special circumstances of a laboratory environment. Our selection of lab eye wash stations are carefully picked to keep people safe:

*Make your laboratory safe, secure, and agile by implementing laboratory eyewash stations to prevent eye and chemical injuries.
*Ideal for use in clean rooms, laboratories, hospitals, and other places where space may be limited but the need for emergency care critical.
*Choose the right eyewash items for your needs, including Combination Shower/Eyewash units in case of full-space contamination.

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