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For identifying materials and equipment inside the warehouse

Tags are effective tools to organize and manage items in your facility. Seton offers a comprehensive selection of tags for your varied needs. Color-coded tags are handy for easier identification, Tyvek Tags are durable and last in harsh conditions, and inspection tags make accomplishing tasks more efficient. For more durable tags, Seton has a variety of valve tags. For more specific contents, customize your tags with unique wording, your company name, and your business logo.


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Tracking and identifying company assets is easier with the help of Seton's Tags.

Every industry or business should always carry a supply of tags in stock for inventory, tagging and other purposes. Tags here at Seton come in wide a variety of shapes and colors. There are different types of tags made for different purposes. Some tags prevent workplace accidents, which is what safety tags are made for; inform workers of equipment repairs with status tags; create customized messages with blank tags.

Whatever tags you need and for whatever purpose, you can easily find what you need here - at Seton!

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