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Key Cabinets

Keep keys organized and readily available

Key Cabinets are a key addition to any warehouse that uses Lockout/Tagout Procedures and keeps equipment keys locked up when necessary. Key Control Cabinets, Key Hook Cabinets, and Wall-Mounted Key Cabinets keep keys organized and accessible for authorized employees, while Key Drop Boxes and Wall-Mounted Key Organizers offer additional key control options.

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Warehouses are full of doors, gates, lockers, and other similar structures that need to be locked.
When you have numerous locks, you're also going to have several keys to store and organize - that's where our Key Cabinets come in. Key Cabinets are basically small boxes that store all of your facility's keys.
Hang them on a wall and you have a neat and easy way to keep all of your keys in one spot. You can choose from Key Control Wall Cabinets, Wall-Mounted Key Organizers, Key Drop Boxes, and more.

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