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Bike Racks

A must for companies with health-conscious employees who may cycle to work

If employees live close enough to ride their bikes to work, employers should encourage this environmentally-friendly method of travel by placing Bike Racks in accessible areas. Standard Bike Racks keep bikes in place while Wave Bicycle Racks add contemporary designs to rugged bike security.

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Bike Racks serve a dual purpose when you install them on the property of your business. First, Bike racks provide a sturdy, physical structure to which workers can lock their bikes. Second, bikeracks can encourage your workers to begin biking to work. The encouragement of exercise not only benefits the health of your employees, but in the long run may lower your health care costs. Seton carries the following bike racks, in addition to bike signs and more: Standard Bike Racks, Wave Racks and Cycle Racks.

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