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Inspection Mirrors & Magnifiers

Do not let extreme angles or dark areas escape inspection with heavy-duty and powerful inspection mirrors and magnifiers

Extreme angles, hard-to-reach areas, and poorly lit surfaces are always the biggest challenge when doing spot checking and customary inspections. Never let any poor lighting or surface conditions deter you from accomplishing your inspection jobs. Get powerful, adjustable, and lighted inspection mirrors and magnifiers from Seton and easily bring dark and hidden areas into full view. We offer mirrors and magnifying products that are easy to mount and feature non-slip textured grips, rotating and adjustable ball joints, and strong telescoping handles.

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Achieve successful inspection jobs in whatever lighting or surface conditions with powerful inspection mirrors and magnifiers from Seton
Spot checks and customary inspections are paramount to facility safety and security. Accomplish successful inspection every time with the help of high performing inspection mirrors and magnifiers. Seton offers mirrors and magnifiers that feature 360° swivel joints, strong telescoping handles, round or flat type heads, magnetic bases, and LED bulbs for clear and full-range viewing.

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