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Sealing Products

Seal anything and everything with general purpose to industrial grade sealing products

Seal hydraulic systems, pipe threads and lines, pneumatic fittings, gaskets and flanges, ceramic items, fiberglass products, woodwork, you name it, we have a sealant for it! Seton offers a wide range of sealing products from general purpose to controlled strength sealants. Choose what sealing product strength you require depending on what job you need to accomplish.

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Choose the right sealing product for any sealing application you need

Know what sealing products you need and get them all here at Seton. Our sealing products include silicone-based sealants, multi-purpose anaerobic gels, Loctite sealants, caulks, pipe tapes, cold weld compounds, and thread sealants, among others. Complete your maintenance and repair products collection with only the best sealing products from Seton!