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The first step in 5S is to sort

Sort all the items in your facility using red tags and other sorting products from Seton. Sort is the first step in the 5S program, and sorting means more than just cleaning up your workspace. In 5S, the objective of sort is to get rid of any unused items and move items that aren't frequently used into storage. The theory states that workers will be more productive if they keep items they use on a regular basis within arms reach. To discard unwanted items, use a red tag, which is a cross-over from the visual workplace theory. At Seton, we offer quality red tags, as well as 5S Red Tag Boards that help keep everything organized.

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The objective of 5S is to create a clean and orderly work space, one that allows employees to work quickly and efficiently. The first step in the 5S program is to sort all the items in your workplace and organize them. To sort, all unused items should be marked with a red tag and disposed of, infrequently used items should be moved into storage, and items that are used daily should be kept close to the employees who use them. The theory behind the sort stage is that by minimizing employee movement, you will also decrease waste time and enhance productivity, similar to other lean manufacturing and visual workplace techniques.
The Red Tag System
During the sort stage, many companies utilize the red tag system. A carry-over from visual workplace theory, the red tag is a bright, eye-catching way to spot equipment that needs to be removed. At Seton, we offer several different red tag options, including self-adhesive red tags and lock-on safety tags. Sort you facility using red tag stations that keep red tags, ready to use, in one place as well as serves as a location to store binders and tracking forms. These boards are both magnetic and dry erase to suit all your needs.

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