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Set In Order

Set in Order your facility to comply with 5S

Set in Order is the third step in the 5S program. During this stage in 5S training, workers organize the items in their work areas. A crucial principal of Set in Order is that items receive a designated home, which is marked off using tape, and clearly labeled. At Seton, we offer a variety of marking tools to help you keep your work stations organized.

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The third step in the 5S is Set in Order.

Once you have sorted and shined your facility, it's time to set everything in order. The main idea behind this step in the 5S program is to clearly designate a home for all items in a workstation using borders and labels.

At Seton, we offer everything you need to comply with the Set in Order step of 5S training. Choose from a variety of TOUGHSTRIPE® Die-Cut Shapes that clearly designate areas in any facility. Use them to identify storage, waste or transportation areas. We also carry clear floor tape labels that help to further explain what floor markings signify. Choose from a variety of in-stock wording, such as scrap, pallet jack, work in progress and more. You can also create your worn custom clear floor tape label online in just minutes.
Set in Order items around your workplace with these 5S items.

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