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Anti-Slip Coatings

Keep your workplace slip-free with easy to apply anti-slip coatings

Apply anti-slip coatings on your facility’s floor surfaces to prevent accidents. Slips and falls from slippery floor and stairwells are one of the most common causes of workplace injuries. Make sure that surfaces, especially areas with high traffic, get treated with high quality anti-slip coating such as this convenient Anti-Slip Spray Paint. This anti-slip paint is easy to apply with no brush needed. Spray on cleaned floors, ramps, steps, and other areas where traction is needed. Seton Canada’s anti slip floor coating are made from tough, slip-resistant materials. Industrial-strength non-slip coatings are applicable to most surfaces.

Check out Seton Canada’s anti slip coatings and tapes for a safer workplace.

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Impact of Anti-Slip Coating in the Workplace

Accidents can be minimized and prevented by using practical solution like non-slip coatings and anti-slip tapes. According to CCOHS (Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety) statistics, over 42,000 Canadians suffer injuries due to fall accidents annually. Around 66% of these falls are caused by slips and trips due to wet or slippery surfaces, spillage, weather, uneven floor traction, etc. All these are easily avoided with simple anti-slip coating and anti-slip tapes.

Industrial Non-Slip Paint Option

Make sure you get the versatile anti-slip paint that can be applied on many kinds of surface areas such as concrete, steel, and tiles. Industrial anti-slip floor coatings are especially manufactured for plants, factories, and other facilities with more than the average foot traffic. This industrial-strength anti-slip coating is colourless so it can be used on most surfaces without leaving stains or unsightly marks.

Spray-On Anti Slip Paint Option
Spray-on cans of anti-slip coating are the easiest to use. Just clean the area to be applied and then spray away. The synthetic grit on the paint will not cause abrasion to furniture and equipment. The non-slip floor coating is available in five different colors, including the most versatile – clear.

Get the anti-slip coating you need from the safety solutions expert – Seton Canada.