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Shipping & Transportation Supplies

Package and process shipments with ease

Moving shipments across lengthy distances involves some risks. Seton helps you minimize these risks by offering Shipping and Transportation products designed to speed up the process as well as to make packing easy and safe for employees. Items such as Labels and Strapping Kits are highly durable and will withstand the rigors of being moved across cities, states and even countries. Choose from our extensive collection of Shipping and Transportation items to find what you need today.

Shipping & Transportation Supplies

Provide your company with the best tools for safe and efficient shipping and transportation.

With Seton’s top quality shipping and transportation products, you can be sure that your shipment, people and facility are protected before, during and after transportation. Choose from our wide selection of Shipping Labels and Signs that hold additional information and instructions for shipping. We also have Vehicle Placards, that help provide people with the identity of the materials being shipped, for regulation compliance. Other products you can get from this line include packaging and shipping accessories such as tapes and packaging  tools, strapping kits, and film wraps that secure, seal, and protect your shipment from damage and exposure.

You can find all these and other great warehouse and shipping items at Seton, your number one source for shipping and transportation products.

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