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Casters & Floor Locks

Transport items around your facility with ease using our material handling products

Moving around materials and equipment can be a back-breaking job. Make work faster, easier and more efficient in your facility by getting Casters and Floor Locks that allows you to roll carts and other items from place to place. Seton offers these internal transport solutions and other items such as Steel Casters, Rubber Casters, Adjustable Floor Locks and more. The casters are made of sturdy materials to accommodate heavy loads and are guaranteed to withstand everyday use. Choose from rubber or steel, rigid or swivel types of casters to suit your facility. The Side-Mounted Floor Lock is ideal for areas with uneven floors.

Browse through our selection today and find the right material handling products for your workplace.

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7 Products

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Casters and floor locks from Seton are the perfect add-ons to make material handling in your facility an easier task

br /> Using these products will not only save you time and money, it will also reduce accidents, injuries and property damage. Let your workers use casters when transporting items instead of carrying the heavy loads on their backs. Wheeling items instead of pushing and sliding them across areas of your facility will also prevent damage on your floors.

These material handling products are easy to install and use. Simply screw on these steel casters to the underside of your containers. Once they are securely attached, you can now roll these containers across your work floor, making your material handling tasks easier to perform. Casters are available in different sizes and materials like rubber and polypropylene to suit your various storage container types.

Our floor locks ensure that wheeled containers will stay in place and won't accidentally roll off a platform or driveway. Our Low Profile Floor Lock is ideal for equipment with low floor or base clearance. For casters with different heights, use the adjustable floor locks to keep them from moving or rolling off.

Trust Seton to provide you with high quality and durable products like casters and floor locks for your material handling needs.