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Material Handling Equipment

Allow for safe and secure transport and storage of industrial materials

Material Handling products make industrial tasks safer, easier and more efficient. Seton provides a wide variety of Material Handling products such as Pallet Trucks ,Loaders and Heavy Duty Utility Carts. These items are made from top-quality materials and crafted with precision, resulting in highly dependable equipment for any facility.

Material Handling Equipment

Imagine having to move large packages or 50 gallon drums by hand. How about moving several dozen small items? Not only will performing both without the aid of Material Handling equipment take time, these could be potentially risky to both life and limb.

You don't need to take that big a risk! Seton has the product line to help you move these packages and items safely and easily.

Some of the products you can depend on to help you with your material handling needs include Carts and Trucks, Pallet Trucks and Loaders, Beams, Booms and Accessories, and Drum Transporters. All of these are ideal for making easy work of moving around both large and small items within your facility in a manner that's both time-saving and safe. We also carry a variety of Ladders and Steps for reaching hard-to-reach shelves, Workbenches and Tables for a number of applications and Casters and Floor Locks ideal for replacing worn-out casters.

At Seton we can surely help you create a more efficient and safe facility by providing you with solutions to all your material handling needs.

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