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Adhesives, Sealants & Tapes

Essentials for general maintenance and repair

Seton’s line of Sealants and Tapes is perfect for a lot of applications in your facility. Whether it is for pipe sealing, glass glazing or carpentry work, we have the right tool to suit your needs. Our odour and solvent-free sealants are ideal for your roofing, masonry, and construction jobs. These products won’t shrink upon curing whatever the condition: damp, cold, or dry. Exposure to light won't cause any discoloration and it won't bubble when applied on damp surfaces. Our products—which include caulking and tapes—are resistant to chemicals and water. They are also long lasting and can withstand everyday use.

If you buy from Seton, you can be assured of getting durable and high quality products.

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7 Products

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Sealants and Tapes for Maintenance and Repair Work

Keeping your maintenance workers equipped with the right tools and supplies to ensure properly maintained facilities and establishments. If there is a product line that should not go missing from your employees’ tool boxes, it has to be Seton’s array of sealants and tapes.

Sealants and Tapes are essential in maintenance and repair. Tasks like gasket repair, fixing leaking tubes and pipes, and filling-in holes and cracks require the right products. Using our maintenance and repair products will help you cut replacement costs and keep your facility in top condition.

Versatile Sealants and Tapes for a Variety of Uses

If you need a convenient way to mount your indoor signs and nameplates, choose our Indoor Mounting Tape which comes in hook and loop varieties.

Tapes can also be used to organize your tools. Use our Toolboard Tape to divide your boards for different uses, and to easily identify if a tool is missing from its proper storage. They come in different colours to aid in organization. These tapes can withstand oil, water, acids, and chemicals.

Also available is the Thin Toolboard Tape which measure 1/4”W, made of black vinyl that won’t easily peel and won’t harm surfaces.

Trust Seton to provide you with quality products such as sealants and tapes that suit your facility's needs.