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Maintenance & Supplies

Keep facilities clean and in working order

Preserve a high standard of cleanliness in your facility for safety and efficiency. Seton offers maintenance, repair and other supplies, such as brooms, mopping buckets, floor stands or stencils for marking, all for heavy duty cleaning or general facility upkeep.

Maintenance & Supplies

Maintenance and Supplies from Seton are not just for keeping your facility clean. These also help create a safer environment for everyone who comes to your facility.

Our selection of maintenance equipment and supplies helps create a safer - and certainly cleaner - facility for all its occupants and visitors. Included in this line is an extensive selection of Cleaning and Janitorial Supplies for all cleaning applications.

Also in this line, you will find Safety Cones used for closing-off areas being cleaned as well as traffic cones for general facility safety. This shows how diverse and complete this collection of maintenance products is. Our variety of Floor Stands also come in models and designs that covers maintenance and janitorial applications, even general safety needs.

Seton is committed to helping you create not just a clean facility, but a safe one as well and you can do this with our extensive line of maintenance and supplies.

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