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Brooms, Dust Pans & Accessories

Keep your facility tidy and organized with these cleaning supplies

Seton's line of Brooms, Dust Pans and Accessories makes cleaning and organizing offices, hallways and other areas of your facility fast and simple. Our variety of floor sweepers, push brooms and their accessories such as broom handles, brush heads, and pans keep floors clean and dirt-free.

Order brooms and broom handles in a variety of colours for different areas of your facility. We also offer brooms ideal for certain surfaces like hardwood floors, concrete, asphalt and brick. Our products are made for heavy-duty and everyday use. Available at different price points, choose the right brooms and dust pans for your facility.

Trust Seton to provide you with high-quality and durable brooms, dust pans, and cleaning supplies.

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11 Products

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Maintaining a spic-and-span facility will be easier by using the right cleaning supplies.

Seton’s brooms and dust pans are the perfect tools for keeping your workplace clean and organized. These tools also make the task less tiring and time consuming. These cleaning supplies feature a sturdy construction that can resist solvents, acids, oils, greases and chemicals, making them the ideal cleaning tools for offices and industrial facilities.

For kitchens, hospitals, and hotels, it is important to avoid cross-contamination. Colour-code your brooms to maintain the high sanity standards of your facility.

Different surfaces and areas also call for different tools. Our Sweeping Push Broom is recommended for laboratories and areas that deal with chemicals and solvents. The Coarse Sweeping Push Broom with polypropylene fibres is ideal for concrete, brick, and asphalt. Use the versatile Warehouse Corn Broom indoors or outdoors.

Broom handles are sturdy and broom heads are made from quality hardwood. Our brooms and dust pans are the preferred cleaning products of most maintenance personnel because of their exceptional performance and strength.

Seton is your go-to place when you need cleaning supplies that are easy to use, durable and reliable.