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Outdoor Furniture, Bike Racks & Trash Cans

Attractive functional pieces add beauty to any facility

Add functionality to any company premises with Grounds products. Seton's line of Grounds Accessories is functional and aesthetically pleasing for effective ground beautification. Our Outdoor Furniture, Outdoor Fixtures and Trash Cans for workers and employers can enhance the atmosphere of your facility. Tables, Benches and Bike Racks give employees outdoor space for breaks while Ash Receptacles keep company grounds free of cigarette butts.

Outdoor Furniture, Bike Racks & Trash Cans

Create an inviting area outdoors for your workers and visitors to enjoy with high-quality outdoor furniture and fixtures from Seton.

Employees and guests can enjoy their lunch on benches and picnic tables or simply unwind comfortably in natural surroundings with this line of products made for the outdoors. Trash cans and ash receptacles can help keep the grounds clean and litter-free, adding to the attractiveness and appeal of your facility's exterior. Outdoor fixtures such as bicycle racks and stands provide workers, as well as visitors, with a secure area for parking their bikes.

For all your industrial and commercial facility requirements, Seton’s got you covered.

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