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Use reflectors during the day or night to alert motorists to dangerous areas

A perfectly placed reflector can help prevent collisions and accidents that happen as a result of poor weather conditions. Reflectors provide extra visibility when it's need the most. Seton offers a variety of light reflectors that highlight tight turns, narrow roads, or objects near the road. Many of these products are MUTCD compliant. Choose among Delineator Spot Reflectors, Round Acrylic Reflectors, and Reflective Pavement Markers to make your roads safer than ever. Reflectors and delineators are available in a variety of colors and reflective finishes.

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Post reflectors and delineators to help prevent accidents and collisions on roads around your facility. Most accidents happen during poor weather conditions when visibility is decreased. A well-placed reflector will pick up the light from your headlights to call out objects near the road, tight turns or narrow streets.
Seton offers many different types to create visual boundaries and prevent accidents. With many different colors, sizes and materials, you're sure to find the perfect reflector for application around your facility.
Reflective Rectangular Delineators can be used to mark the edges of roads and driveways. These light reflectors are MUTCD compliant and available in either Engineer Grade reflective aluminum for standard 500' visibility or High Intensity reflective aluminum for 1000' visibility and added safety.
Seton also offers Round Acrylic Reflectors, that are guaranteed to not rust, and Center Mount Reflectors that are highly visible. These round reflectors can be attached to existing signs or poles to call out important information listed on street signs or traffic signs near construction areas.
Protect workers and motorists alike by installing reflectors and delineators in key areas around your facility.

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