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Parking Curbs

Reduce damage to landscaping and keep vehicles in line

Parking Curbs are an excellent addition to any parking space to prevent vehicles from rolling into grass or landscaping. Parking Curbs are offered in Recycled Rubber and Recycled Plastic, and also in Heavy Duty Plastic for extra sturdiness.

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Parking curbs are usually made from rubber or plastic and are very durable. At Seton, we carry several types of curbs for your parking lot. Choose from leed-certified parking curbs, custom recycled plastic parking blocks, recycled rubber parking blocks or plastic parking curbs. All are helpful in preventing a vehicle from rolling or pulling up too far into a parking space. You might think that these curbs are very heavy, when in fact these parking curbs weigh in at less than 35 lbs. Because they are fairly light, they can normally be moved by one individual.

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